Brazing Soldering

The Harris Products Group, A Lincoln Electric Company is a world leader in the manufacturing of brazing and soldering equiepment and consumables. Based in the USA, Harris specialises in; Brazing Rods, Soldering Wires and Fluxes


Copper alloys are recommended for brazing of copper without the need for Flux. They are used extensively in the plumbing, air conditioning and refrigeration industries.

As the silver content increases so does the resistance to vibration, temperature change and stress. (Look for Harris 0%, 2%, 5%, 15% or 45% Stay-Silv) These alloys can also be used on brass and bronze with the application of soldering flux.



CPS offers market-leading lead-free solder wire and flux pastes We don’t only sell wires, paste and soldering flux, but also provide technical advise

supported by large product data sheets to help you find the correct product.



Harris 0

This low cost alloy is suitable for most copper-to-copper or brass joints where close tolerance can be maintained.


Stay-Silv 15

For many years the standard of the industry, the 15% silver alloy has proven its value. This filler metal is excellent for situations in which close fit-up does not exist, and where thermal expansion and service vibration are involved.


Bridgit Paste Flux

Designed for use with lead-free solders. Works extremely well with Bridgit lead-free solder in potable water systems as equally well with other solders. Meets all requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Stays active to 800oF and will not burn at soldering temperature, reducing black carbon formations that can result in voids and leaks.

Typical Application:  A plumbing paste flux formulated to withstand higher soldering temperatures.



Tin-antimony solder well suited for applications where moderately elevated temperature is a factor. With higher electrical conductivity and high fluidity, 95/5 is recommended for lead free installation of small diameter, tight fitting connections. Not recommended for use on brass or HVAC connections.

Typical Application:  Not recommended for use on brass or HVAC connections.